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Josh Brandon was a 4th year 4th year Tipster who attended App State T2 for his first year, and UGA T2 for every year proceeding. During his time at TiP, Josh was notorious for being an extremely kind and caring person, who harbored an intense passion for TiP that was inspiring for all. He was also known for the variety of names attributed to him; while his real name was Joshua Bell, people began to call him Matt Damon (due to their similar appearance) from his first year onward. During Josh's second year, everybody said that he looked more like a Brandon than a Josh, and the name stuck. The name Brandon continued with Josh for the rest of his time at TiP, and by the end of his fourth year most people called him Josh Brandon, although Brosh was another popular substitute. Josh Brandon accomplished many legendary feats during his four years at TiP, and was a great representation of the passion and family that is so important to the TiP experience.


Member of The Backdorm Boys

Preceded by:
Will Nichols
"That Guy" Succeeded by:

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Teddy Todaro
Wearer of The Orange Lanyard Succeeded by:
Morgan Sickles