Julie Hoang

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Julie is a true TIPster, having attended every possible year:

Julie is a fun, flirtatious girl who commonly loses at .
She is infamous for hooking up with five boys at TIP '05, including Donald, the current wearer of the (but she doesn't like to talk about that). When presented with a list of types of people to kiss, she completed the entire thing except the last item, getting past first base.
Julie is a loyal participant in TIP traditions. She does the tradition dances during the , and she wears a skirt on Wednesdays. In 2006 on , she took off her bra in the middle of the street, much to the delight of various male onlookers.
An important thing to note is that she is Vietnamese, NOT Chinese. On the of TIP 2006 she had "Julie is a whore" written on her in five languages (English, French, Spanish, Latin, and Hebrew).

She once bid one when it was listed in ebay in 2006.

She is Whit Schorn's BFF!