Justin Zandstra

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Terms: Davidson II 2014; East II 2015-2017

Classes: 2014: Psychology; 2015: Algebra II; 2016: Bach 2 Rock; 2017: Math of Distortion

RAGs: 2014 Celia's; 2015 Samuel's Sages (#greenandprotein #stopSamuel'sRAG2k15); 2016: Travis's; 2017: Too Turnt Tien Tran's Meme Team (a bangin' time with some bangin' bros)


2017 Kazoo Mom http://www.tipwiki.net/wiki/Kaz├╝

Professional Handshaker (Record: 0-1-1)

Professional Speed Macarena Dancer (Record: 4-1-15)

Shining moments in the Goon Squad: not finishing with tiger balm, vomiting after eating a ghost pepper, waving the Goon Flag over slow-dancers who didn't leave room for Jesus

If anyone want to make this look nice, you can, but I'm lazy -Justin