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Kat M is a TIPster in every sense of the word. She attended TAMU, Term 2, for all four years and knows their traditions inside and out. She is best known for initiating the Popsicle dessert trend, being a "serial killer" (this is NOT true), getting arrested (for demonstration only) at lunch, being Barbie, and leading the 4th year pranks her 4th year (harry potter decorations, balloons, and singing I'll make a man out of you.) During her third year, due to her close relationships with fourth years, she assisted in many of the fourth year pranks. She then led the 4th year pranks her 4th year. Kat is also a very crazy (in a good way) and good looking girl.


Crazy Incidents She Was Involved In

-- Edgar? David? God?

-- Chasing the running group

-- Shower party?

-- Confession time

-- Being Barbie at Roll Call

-- Leading the 4th year pranks (Harry Potter, balloons, and singing)


Her twin-ship, though it originally began with a rivalry, is with Audrey. However she is also siblings with Dallas, Jessi, Lauren, Christina, Megan, and Nikki.

Fourth year she was close friends with her fake brother from back home (who she loves the most), Guneev, :P (also Blake, John W. and OT)


1st Year: The Villain in Literature and Pop Culture (taught by Amy Montz)

2nd Year: Criminal Law and Mock Trial (taught by Alicia)

3rd Year: Neuropsychology (taught by Aisha)

4th Year: Writing (Jonterri)

5th year (duke): Constitutional Law (Metzloff)


1st year: Hunter 2nd year: iffy 3rd year: iffy 4th year: iffy 5th year: erg...