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Wake Forest TIP 2019 term 1

Keara was the RC for District Three. Although a good RC, she was notorious for what she did on her night duties. Sneaking down the hall, Keara presses her lanyard against her chest to prevent any possible noise. If you manage to get a good view through your peephole, you will be able to see her tiptoeing through the hallway. As she approaches your door, she slowly and quietly presses her hand on your doorknob to check if it's locked. Then, she presses her ear up to your door. Any movement inside the dorm will be heard by her, and then you and your roommate are caught after lights out. Last but not least, Keara will look through YOUR peephole to check for any light or movement. Sometimes she takes off her shoes for maximum sneak. Despite her Wednesday night routine, Keara was a very successful, wrote six books, and caring RC. Whenever she saw someone being excluded or sad, she was there to help them out. A very good RC.