Kendall howard

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"Kendall is annoying and no one likes him" - Taylor Krick (we love him, he just won't tell us his secrets)

For real though... Kendall is great! He received the from Hillary Dong in 2017 and gave it to Garrick Reeder at the end of term 1 2018. He went to Wake Forest first year and Duke East his other three years, all term 1. He went with Will Snider and they're besties. He received a head injury (not a concussion though) when he tried to jump out of his pants on the second floor of Basset during term 1 2018 and received a shout-out in that year's Doctor Doctor. He is part of the Wake Forest Squad with Will Snider and Lily Shytle. He also participated in The Rain Dance with Will Snider and others. Overall, he just rules!