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TA for Modern Medicine term 1, WFU, 2019. BEST TA EVER. You already know: chill, fun, friendly, volleyball goddess, etc. etc.

Will be down to play volleyball with TIPsters, lets you make a playlist for class, will make sure your experience at TIP is one of a lifetime. Working well with her instructor, Lauryn, they both will make sure no bullying is present. While teaching, they explain everything in every possible way, hands on, visually, etc. College-level experiences and lessons are explained so well, all students were able to understand. They are extremely fair and understanding. Giving everyone an equal opportunity, both in and out of class, these two are a dynamic duo. Although two TA's didn't like her, that was because such people were the quite opposite of her personality, one of them was Shaggy.

She likes to get a cold, white-chocolate mocha, grande from Sbux.

Best TA ever, made sure Modern Medicine term 1, 2k19 at Wake Forest had the best time ever, which we ALL did.