Lara van der Beek

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Lara van der Beek's first year at TiP was in 2015 as a second year at Davidson University term one. There she took The Brain, Intelligence and Creativity. In 2016, she was a second year third year at Duke University East Campus term one, where she took Dictators, Kings, and CEOs: The Evolution of Empire. She took Revolution and Terror: Controversial Politics in 2017 at Duke East. She also happens to have two TiP siblings: Duco van der Beek and Maud van der Beek.

Facts about Lara

  • She is a pituitary gland
  • She is part of a band called the Florida Maple Leafs, made at Davidson in 2015 with Fiona Walsh
  • She loves to lie
  • Many people mispronounce her name
  • She is the famous brother of Skippy V
  • Is Dutch