The Florida Maple Leafs

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The Florida Maple Leafs was a band created by two tipsters, Fiona Walsh and Lara van der Beek. It was created when they both went to Davidson term 1 2015. Fiona was a first year and Lara was a first year second year. This band was discontinued because Fiona lives in Missouri and Lara lives in Georgia, so connection was hard. RIP.

About the Band

  • Their new album Summer Camp came out on Canada Day 2015 (July 1st)
  • It's an all-Canadian band (Fiona lived there for 4 years and Lara was born there)
  • Created during Duke Tip 2015, term 1 at Davidson
  • Their Instagram is @floridamapleleafs
  • Fiona and Lara both went to Duke University East Campus term 1 in 2016