Lily Kearns

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Lily Kearns
Campus(es) Trinity University Term 1 2018, Rice University Term 1 2019
Attended 2018-
Course(s) Psychology, Historical Epidemiology
RAG(s) Nailah, Lauren Keith
Roommate(s) Neha, Neela Kolte
Social Media

Lily Kearns is a tipster. She attended Trinity University Term 1 2018 and then Rice University Term 1 2019, where she was a member of the LlamaSquad and took Historical Epidemiology. She is Chaotic Neutral and was voted Most Likely to Insult You Without Using Potty Language, and alternately, Most Likely to Form a Cwosah Wall.

Most Notably

  • Lily enjoyed making jokes about her Roblox ladyfriend.
  • Lily has “awesome hair” -Sophia, and “choreography skills” -Rachel
  • She created an algorithm to turn simple objects into insults.
  • Plays Rock, Paper, Scissors, WRONG
  • Lily is a super fun and hilarious person. She always has something interesting to say, and often brought great conversation starters to dinner, such as the Plague Song.