Luci and ruhee

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Luci and ruhee
Campus(es) Duke West term II
Attended 2017
Course(s) Ethics and the little white lie, Evolutionary Biology
RAG(s) Doris's RAG
Roommate(s) Abby (quiet small), Annette (skate donut tall)
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Luci and Ruhee, a collective unit, were never seen separately a single day of TIP. If one were to see them, they could be described as short blonde happy short, and happy short not blonde small, respectively. Luci was often jealous of roommate for being able to get onto her bed easily, so she fixed this issue by conjoining with Ruhee early in the term. This created a slew of problems throughout the following weeks, most being violations of the PSA no PDA rule.

Duke West Term 2 2017

Ruhee was in the Evolutionary bio class, but I wasn't so I have no idea what they got up to in there. I think probably biology so maybe they cut some animals and did other nature things. Luci was in Ethics and the little white lie, also a class I wasn't in but it sounds lit idk. I bet they did things like trolley cars and kill? What is an ethic anyway this class is fake