Luke's High Flyers

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Luke's High Flyers (Luke not pictured) at the scavenger hunt


One of the most notable RAGs of Duke East 2019 Term 1. Led by Luke Ourednik, former East tipster and starter of The Book of Dev. Known by admin as one of the most exciting RAGs, Luke's high flyers probably set the record for the most action reports collectively earned by a RAG. Luke's high flyers were also passed down several relics. In the wise words of Luke, Don't Push It.


(in order of highest flying)

  • George Wilkerson
  • Sunny Kim
  • Chris Winter (Skippy X)
  • Josh Rubel
  • Jamie Gerdts
  • Roome Becker
  • Ethan Loy
  • Tate Heri
  • Nathaniel Zsendenyi
  • Jack Heidrick (former)
  • Michael Mohn
  • Andy Dinh
  • Rajveer Singh
  • Will Yu

What they did

  • Write the Group Poop manifesto
  • Steal a traffic cone
  • Consume peanuts
  • Spread spaghetti
  • Mountain Dew the showers
  • Steal peepholes
  • Piss in the sink


  • Bruh
  • Bruh moment
  • Bruh
  • For real
  • For real, for real, for real this time
  • Don't push it
  • Bruh