Margaret He

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Margaret He
Campus(es) Rice University Term 1 2019
Attended 2019-
Course(s) Social Psychology
RAG(s) Lauren Keith
Roommate(s) Rachel Bell
Social Media

Margaret He is a tipster. She attended Rice University Term 1 2019, where she was a member of the LlamaSquad and took Social Psychology. She is Lawful Good and was voted Most Likely to Have Common Sense.

Most Notably

  • ”She was the only voice of reason in our disaster zone of an RC group” -Lee
  • She was the most athletic member of the RC group, plaything basketball and tennis
  • She argued with her roommate Rachel Bell in order to let Rachel take the first shower because she’s so nice.
  • Margaret speaks very softly, making everyone have to quiet down to hear her, which is honestly a power move.