Maria's RC Group West Term 1 2012

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Maria's RC group was a collection of amazing 3rd year girls at West term 1 2012.

The theme for their RC group was teen movies, including the amazing movie Mean Girls. Coincidentally, This Katharyn had brought the movie with her and they watched it at their first RC group night. After they watched the movie, some of the girls became obsessed with the Kevin G. Rap, especially the line "Ohh Kevin G.". The RC Group wanted that line in the movie to be on their RC Group T-Shirt, but they were told it wasn't tippropriate and they ended up not getting any RC Group shirts.

The group also unofficially adopted Kelly, a third year guy in Fernando's RAG. He probably spent more time with Maria's RC group than with his own.


Maria's RC Group was on the blue team that year for Quadfest. Most of the blue team chants were made by Emily. She also made up the Blue Team's opening song, which was a parody of "Boyfriend" by Justin Bieber. Somehow, even though this was an amazing parody, the Blue Team placed third in their opening.

Many girls in this RC group were very spirited about being on the blue team and decided to draw and write all over themselves in blue marker. This didn't turn out to be the best idea later on because some of the girls had used sharpie instead of washable marker and had to spend over half an hour in the bathroom trying to get it off their skin before the dance that night.

RC Group Nights #2&3

A couple of days before their 2nd RC Group night for that week, there was an evening activity called "Team Pillow vs. Team Blanket". This activity was based off of the TV Show Community. Many girls in the RC group wanted this activity because it was led by their RC and both Emily and Maria were both fans of the show. Sadly, none of the girls in the group got this activity. So for their RC Group night, they decided to do a plethora of things. 1. Make a pillow/blanket fort. 2. Make tye-dye cupcakes. 3. Make playdoe. Some girls in this RC Group decided to taste the playdoe. Apparently it tasted awful. 4. Order pizza It ended up being a very successful RC Group night.

For their 3rd and off-campus RC Group night, they decided to go to Ted's Montana Grill and get real food for once. Many girls decided to dress up nice because they felt like it.


Kate-Princess of Mating Calls

That Katherine-Princess of Six Pack Abs

Anna-Princess of Clotheslines

Emily-Princess of HERPDERP

Caroline-Princess of Sugar, Spice, and Everything Nice

This Katharyn-Princess Princess-Hair

Nishali-Princess of horrible sarcasm, but it's a good thing

Paola-The BatPrincess

Jordan-Princess of Tribal Dancing

Vicki-Princess of Pandas

Johanna-Princess of the Lost World