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MARIA COX is totally fantastic! she was at davidson term 1 '06. she was also at east term 1 '07 and '08. she had the most tipster spirit of anyone in pegram this year (except that she didn't dress up on wear-a-skirt wednesday).

Her amazing dedication to planning Quadfest inspired many people to learn the songs and try during Quadfest. Other then being an amazing person, Maria Cox is the perfect example of why TiP exists. Traditions at TiP are carried on by the people that value the traditions more then their own organs(Or something just as symbolic as that). The first day she brightened all of the new TiPster's day. Everyone at term 1 knows that she is the mother of TiP spirit and encourages everyone to step up to the plate. 4th year will be amazing.

Maria was an RC at West 2012. (3rd year girls term 1, 2nd year girls term 2) She was totally the nicest RC and we had tons of fun. Her knee was injured term 1 in the line of battle in the East vs. West staff frisbee game--which West unfortunately lost--so she was on crutches and her RAG was late to everything for the first week or so.

Maria was also an RC at Duke East in 2013. She was in Bassett with the 2nd years. Many consider her 2013 rag the best rag to ever exist ever in the history of ever in all eternity. I hope you enjoyed that term, Maria, because you will never have such an amazing group of kids again. Ever.

RC at East 2015. She had 4th years in Bassett, so that was DEFINITELY her best year. We were awesome. (We can tell you now that it's over - the high was worth the pain)