Marie's Quadcorn-Landsharks (KU 2012 Term II)

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Marie's Quadcorn-Landsharks were the RC group of Marie at University of Kansas 2012 in Term II. We're crazy, and we'd often shout our slightly disturbing and/or weird inside jokes at dinner, get stared at, and resume. We all had ghetto nicknames because almost half of our group was black, even though none of them were ghetto. Did "The Creep" for Role Call. Not gonna lie, it was schmexy.


  • Marie (RC, Ma-ray-ray)
  • Morgan (Mor-gay-gay)
  • Cat (Ca-tay-tay)
  • Onyi (On-ay-yay)
  • Katy (Ka-tay-tay)
  • Reilly (Rei-lay-lay)
  • Rebekah (Bekah)
  • Lydia (La-dee-ah)
  • Elise (Awesome Asian)
  • Katie (Ka-tay-tay)
  • Rachel (Ra-chay-chay)


  • Cat, Morgan, Onyi, and Katy (Room 506)
  • Lydia, Rachel, Elise, and Katie (Room 507)
  • Bekah and Reilly


  • Aerospace Engineering: Cat and Katy
  • Architecture: Onyi and Elise
  • Creative Writing: Reilly and Katie
  • Psychology: Morgan and Lydia
  • Theater Arts: Rachel and Bekah


  • White: Morgan, Katy, Katie, Cat, Reilly, and Marie
  • Black: Rachel, Lydia, Bekah, and Onyi
  • Asian: Elise

Inside Jokes and Quotes

  • "LOVE MEH!"
  • "Modern Art!" - Cat
  • "Is there an airport nearby or is my heart just take off when I saw you?"
  • "Baby, if you were words, you'd be fine print."
  • "I'm an actual cat with a top hat and whose mouth is bigger than its head!" - Cat
  • "Hey! Your face! I like it!" - Reilly
  • "Robert, LOVE MEH!" - Onyi
  • "Bike-trick-guy, MARRY ME!" - Onyi
  • "Adam, LOVE MARIE!"
  • "I ship them!" - Elise
  • "EEHHHHH?!" - Onyi
  • "Spicy feet, spicy feet!" - Reilly
  • "Did you fart? Because you just blew me away!"
  • "Don't die!"
  • "Haters gonna hate!"
  • "That's him. That's who I like." - "*gasp* The guy in the green lanyard??" - "Yeah!"
  • "Uhhh, Reilly, don't go too insane." - Marie and Cat
  • "Why do Asians have to be so good at everything?" - Cat
  • "Why do black people have to be so good at everything?" - Cat
  • "I hate being white." - Cat
  • "Those people above us always make so much noise! Why are they rearranging at one in the morning??" - Morgan
  • "And they all grew up to be assholes." - Onyi and Cat
  • "My life sucks." - Morgan
  • "Every one of my freckles represents a soul I've eaten. Because I'm a ginger." - Morgan
  • "Poor guy. Looks like he just got fired. I can't really tell, but that's what his face looks like." - Rebekah and Elise
  • "Reilly, you okay? You're laugh is scaring me. What if I wake up in the middle of the night to that?" - Cat
  • "Do the Creep!"
  • "Everyday I look at the sun, yet I feel no warmth." - Morgan