Mark Donaldson

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Mark Donaldson was the TA for Mark Harvey during the first session 2007 politics in practice class at KU. He was a former student of Mark(Harvey) in 2000 and when he figured out that Mark was looking for a TA he quickly replied. He is known for being THE COOLEST TA IN TOWN.

During second term 2007, he was known as Twinkle Toes for his amazing dancing ability. Mark Harvey insisted that the class call him "Mr. Twinkle Toes" or better yet, "Captain Twinkle Toes".

Mark Donaldson was a TIPster who took Mark Harvey's class. At that time, he was known to shout "I'm like a caged tiger!" when Mark Harvey kept him holed up in Australia during a RISK game, letting him free only for long enough to conquer a country and keep his position intact.