Mean Girls

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Lenora Simpson was the RC of the Mean Girls.

And On Wednesdays we wear Pink!


  • Lenora (RC)

Listed by roommates and by order in the hall:

  • Aileen-Neuroscience
  • Melissa-Pharmacology
  • Michelle-Logical Reasoning
  • Claire-Genetics
  • Ally-Stones and Bones
  • Amy-Pharmacology
  • Sarah-Logical Reasoning
  • Casey-Spy 101
  • Megan-Medical Science
  • Melin-Neuroscience
  • Frances-Spy 101
  • Andi-Pharmacology

  1. We might be remembered for (Sarah) bringing in an iPod into the Great Hall and Singing "Hey Mickey!".
  2. We were on the GREEN team at Quadfest (AND WE WON!)
  3. We had a Shaving Party
  4. Pantsing occurred in our halls..
  5. Club Fat
  6. Flamingos have been adopted and brought home in suitcases..
  7. We had an interesting obsession with four-letter-words...
  8. We enjoy being serenaded
  9. We love being groupies