Megan's MUCers

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At UGA Term 1 2011, Megan's RC group became known as Megan's MUCers or, simply, the MUCers. This title was created by third year Kaitlyn Shanks who coined M.U.C, which stands for mental umbilical cord, to be said whenever two or more MUCers say or do the same thing at the same time. For their second RC group night, the MUCers took a quick trip to Walmart before spending the rest of their time at Chuck E. Cheese, where Margaret Copeland won "the Hammer"; many jokes were made about the hammer for the remainder of Term 1. It was common to see the MUCers "salmoning" each other as a greeting which led to many second years thinking the MUCers were lesbians, which is funny because it just showed how close the MUCers were. Note: None of the MUCers are actually lesbians, as far as we know. Fort Snuggle, the room of Margaret Copeland and Mel Painter, became the popular hangout spot for the MUCers, where boy talks, dance parties and snuggle time all occurred daily. It was standard to see, or hear, the MUCers yell in unison "MEGAN OUT(and do their best indian call) while making the shape of an M then twisting it upwards to form a bird when leaving any place together.There are countless inside jokes and funny moments shared by the MUCers, including: Adrienne's face, Madeline's lame joke of the day, Fawesome/fawkward/f'canoodling/f'kayaking/etc., child leashes and shock collars, oh yeahhh, "Mel must...", "Megan, did you know I had your phone number?", "Is that your natural hair color?", Natalie's stories of her day, Anna's dance(the ball wash), Megan's lack of the ability to count her 14 "kids" leading to roommate checks, Salmon(stuck in the stream!), Megan's dance which was full of pointing in random directions, along with awkward palm tree and Whap yo wenis. It was well known throughout Term 1 that the MUCers looked up to and really loved their RC. Megan was given nicknames of: Mom(most common), Momma Meg-Megs, Meggles, Meggers, etc. The MUCers are, undoubtedly, the best RC group ever at TiP on any campus. Megan's MUCers include: RC Megan, Margaret "Mama Wolf" Copeland(fourth year), Mel Painter(fourth year), Natalie Wainio(fourth year), Grace "G-money" Tse(fourth year), Adrienne Cassel(fourth year), Madeline "Mad Dawg" Goss(fourth year), Abby "A-Bay-Bay" Hunt(fourth year), Elizabeth Molinet(fourth year), Anna Logan(third year), Shelby Thomas(third year), Kaitlyn"K$hank$" Shanks(third year), Sydney Bronack(third year), Emily Soroka(third year), and Megan Nastasi(third year).