Mia Ali

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Mia Ali
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Nickname Mamma Mia
Campus(es) East
Attended 2007
Relationship(s) unclear..under investigation
Dorm Bassett

Mia Ali was an RC on Bassett second floor both terms 2007. At times she was the "best RC ever" (clearly titled by her girls) and other times...she was a "monster". She can apparently pop, lock, and drop it on crutches, but first term she split her pants doing this very move. During a term 2 dahnce, she leaned wit it, rocked wit it for four minutes with Benny. She, Michael Chen, Daag, and Jasmine did the "Staff act" at the term 2 talent show which involved them all doing the "walk it out" and "two step" after a 5 minute embarassing technical delay. Her favorite sentence is "I hate TIPsters" but she said at the end of the summer "I've had the best 27 girls ever". Apparently, Mia was a TIPster in 2004, 4th year, on Duke TIP West (but it's blasphemy to even speak of that campus.) She came over from the dark side.

Term 1

The proud: Vinegar, Teresa, Laura, Lindsey, Victoria, Elena, Catherine, Caroline, Rebecca, Kathryn, Sarah, Nancy, and Julie. (Also including Alex Smith)

Mia was once quoted as saying "these are the craziest 13 girls ever." No one knows why she thought they were crazy. It could be the way Nancy Flewelling beat the hell out of the actors in doctor doctor as a pillow girl. We're talkin full, cold-blooded pillow murder against the other fourth years. Or maybe it was how she had several "That" girls in her group, included but not limited to Victoria and Elena, who seemed to float through boys like the second years float through slushies. Over the course of 3 weeks, Mia's girls probably had gone through half of Mike Sori's RAG. It could've been because of Laura "I love Walnuts" McFadden that, despite her dealthy allergy to walnuts and other nuts of that caliber, managed to both touch a walnut-full cookie AND conviently rub up against a "chesnut tree" and get a large rash. It shall be mentioned that this same walnut girl was locked out after 10 several time (IT WAS ONLY TWICE!) with her alleged "Boyfriend" Alex Smith (with the long, wavy hair and pretty face). Also, there was the time where Kathryn Betts thought it would be a good idea to play Red Rover with huge fourth year boys who propelled her to the ground. If you didn't know, TIP Staff takes head injuries very seriously. At the front of all the dances, called by Zach "dahnces", you could see Vinegar and Rebecca, with the rest of the Symbols and Structure class interpretive dancing to.every.song. This RAG caused Mia to say "I hate TIPsters" over 30 times during the term, although it was clearly not true. To prove this, Mia's RAG won "make a rule for your RC" on Carnival(e) day that required Mia to give any TIPster a hug in response to them calling her name that day. No her RAG wasn't crazy at all.

Term 2

Caro, Sara, Sass, Sarah, Rachel, Julie, Emma, Gargi, Robyn, Maddie, Quadzilla, Celia, Ed, JJ, and Anna

I quoted Mia as saying "I thought no one was crazier than my term 1 kids. And then...these appeared". Term 2 would like to point out that on their first RAG night, they finished TWO Vermonsters. Sass went around kissing everyone on their cheeks as a "friendly gesture" (yes, it was a little odd after a while). Two of Mia's girls were considered the "soccer girls": Robyn and Rachel - probably because that's all they did. Robyn was recorded as having attended at least 5 evening activities just for soccer. (It's not like it's Ultimate or something like that!) Rachel always talked back and liked to start rumors about Mia and Rachel's TA Josh Parker dating, although they were clearly false false false. Gargi did a bad ass Indian dance at the talent show just before Sara restored the talent in the talent-less show that was Friday night. Sarah Lowe was the keeper of Quadzilla that lived in the first quadrouple room in TIP history (Sarah Lowe, Sara Faber, Caro Ragolta, ..and Quadzilla). That room was known by all Bassett RCs as the trouble room because at any given night at 2 am noise was coming from behind the door. We blame...Quadzilla for his loud mid-night noises. Emma Johnson was also in this infamous RAG, despite Mia's protests to her to go home after her bazillion million terms at TIP. At Carnivale Day, Mia's RAG proved psychic by choosing mystery prize number 2 which one them an off campus RAG night that they spent seeing the overrated Harry Potter V and a trip to Cookout with Mark Marvelli and Emily Vorhies. The most notable part of the Term 2 RAG was their unwillingness to dress themselves. At any given moment of on hall time, several of Mia's girls seemed to be wondering the hall shirtless (I'm sure this angered Zach and Mike's boys soo much). They were spotted by both John Birch, Mike Sori, and Sam Prevatt without wearing shirts. The third years on the hall, Michelle's RAG, seemed to have an issue with the half dressed fourth year girls. No official retaliation was taken against the young ones. Two days after Mia had the "please wear shirts" talk, one student was quoted as saying "You never said we had to wear pants!" After Mia tried to recover the "I hate TIPsters" line from first term, her RAG rebutted with a song that was sang at least four times a day: (To the theme of Frere Jacques)

Mia loves us, Mia loves us Yes she does, Yes she does She says that she doesn't, She says that she doesn't But she does, But she does