Micro 2019

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Micro 2019

Micro 2019 was one of the worst-performing classes of the history of Microeconics, according to the wise words of Dr. John Kane. Our test and quiz scores were generally one to two standard deviations lower than previous years. However, as a class they managed to procure one of the highest class averages on the TUCE exam, with 12/18 studendts scoring in the 99th percentile of college students, with one studend achieving a perfect score.


  • Put your phone away, you are in class
  • Put your class away, you are in phone
  • Andrew Herbst's goose laugh
  • Alex spilling tea
  • Gamer time
  • I'm a visual/aural/kinesthetic learner
  • Never pick E
  • Mack attack szn boys
  • Garrettis paribus


  • Roome Becker- Most likely to leave campus
  • Zoe Eldridge- Most likely to NOT have an accent
  • Caroline Gordon- Most likely to accidentally end up in micro
  • Gabe Hahn- Biggest meme Lord
  • Andrew Herbst-Hardest gamer
  • Kate Kaplan- Most likely to study outside of class
  • Nathanael Leclercq- Most chivalrous
  • Alex Lizardi- Most likely to spill the tea
  • Ethan Loy-Best class notes
  • Elisabeth Miller- Purest smile
  • Eric Niedzielski- Most buff
  • Cash O'Conner- Most likely to be fashionably late
  • Camilla Pearson- best at pretending to be working
  • Andrew Sakemiller- Most likely to be fashionably late
  • Alexei Shunyakov- Most likely to get ice cream
  • Aashna Wadhwani- Most likely to "lose" her lanyard
  • Will Yu- Slient but deadly

Memorable Moments

  • first day when Andrew Andrew and ethan switched their name tags around
  • when gabe was edited into the group picture at the second dances
  • that button garrett never made
  • when we all got blocked by garrett on instagram
  • when Andrew H spilled tea over Andrew S white sheet