Ethan Loy

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Ethan Loy
Ethan at the last dance of his third year
Pronouns he/him
Campus(es) East
Attended 2018-19
Course(s) Macroeconomics, Microeconomics
RAG(s) Delaney, Luke's High Flyers
Roommate(s) Hudson, Tate
Social Media Instagram: @_ethanloy

2020 holder of the Shazam hat.

Year TIPyear Campus Term Course RAG
2018 2nd Duke East 1 Macroeconomics Delaney (mom)
2019 3rd Duke East 1 Microeconomics Luke (daddy)

First Year

Did not attend

Second Year

Ethan took Macroeconomics at Duke East, not expecting much at the camp. He attended TiP with Aidan Hong, a friend from school. While not being very social, Ethan spent most of his time on hall or playing Pokemon Go. His favorite part of TiP was class. Ethan lived in Pegram room 220. He, along with fellow ragmates, rapped at the Talent show. Ethan rapped about Zaxby's. Ethan absolutely loved the experience and was determined to return.

Third Year

Ethan is an outgoing tipster who can brighten anyone’s day. He is funny, charming, and very smart; receiving some of the best grades in the class. The Shazam hat relic was definitely made for this notable tipster. Overall, Ethan Loy is one of the most amazing people you will meet at TIP.


Ethan chose Microeconomics after enjoying Macro so much. In fact, on his application, he only chose one class. During class, Ethan took very detailed notes which he eventually shared to the class. He consistently scored above the median, 5 points from earning ice cream on the first test. He drank tea occasionally. Ethan also watched the Bee Movie during evening study.

Residential life

Ethan lived on the second floor of Pegram hall, room 214. He frequently had his peephole stolen, most notably by George Wilkerson and Sunny Kim. More often than not, Ethan had music playing from his bluetooth speaker.

Notable events

  • Blazebois at Tipsync
  • Went viral on Josephine's TikTok on Wear What You Want Wednesday
  • Played Despacito on the Piano and Kazoo simultaneously at Talent Show
  • One of the founders of Group poop
  • Was passed down Shazam hat by Garrick Reeder


Ethan is boss, enough said. He'll be an awesome fourth year. You just can't avoid how awesome he is!