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The Legend of Miranda

Miranda was an apparition that occurred during Trinity University, Term 2, 2015. It all started when the Biological and Chemical Sciences class of the time was leaving the labs for the day. You see, outside the classroom/ laboratory there were some pillars with blackboards and chalk for doodling in free time. During one such afternoon break, Donovan had drawn some form of space-time wormhole thingy. Upon leaving, the class noticed that some unknown being had scribbled "YOU MAKE ME SO UB PROUD!" -Miranda. An explanation for the meaning of "UB" was found on one side of the pillar, where it said "YOU MAKE ME SO UPWARD-BOUND PROUD." -Miranda. The TIPsters, being rather confused, looked around in bewilderment. One of them looked up, and told the others to do so as well. Looking up, they saw, through the windows of a second-floor lab, a small child glaring down at them with an expression of pure malice. The TIPsters looked around again, to see if anyone was playing a joke. Looking back, they discovered that the child had vanished without a trace.

The next day, after debating the apparently supernatural event of the prior day, one TIPster (The original drawer of the relativity drawing) ran to the column, and said to the class "I wonder what could be there Today?" This was a joke, but yet, against all odds, there was a poster on the blackboard where the message was found, and it said: "YOU MAKE ME SO UPWARD -BOUND PROUD"-Miranda. This further baffled the TIPsters, who immediately went to the most logical solution: Miranda was a demonic or otherwise supernatural being inhabiting the building. Afterwards, pretty much every unexplainable event at Term II Trinity 2015 was blaned on Miranda. After this, Miranda was not seen again, but remains a running joke amongst the class to this day.

The More Rational Explanation of Miranda

Despite the fact that Miranda as a ghost was a good explanation, TIPsters being what we are, required more research to be done. The truth turned out to be that Miranda was a mere mortal inhabiting another camp at Trinity at the time called "Upward Bound." Go figure.