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"Miss America" is a title used at UGA Term One. It began when Riley Scoggins, a third year fourth year at UGA Term One 2016 (the best term TiP has ever seen), became known for wearing lots of American flag attire as well as an Abraham Lincoln shirt where pennies formed the image of Honest Abe (could be seen from a distance; up close it just looks like a bunch of pennies on a shirt). When asked about, people would refer to her as "that really American girl" or "the girl who wore that Abe Lincoln shirt." The title was given after TiPSync which is after wills were submitted, so Riley didn't have the opportunity to pass it down in her will, but wishes for it to be passed down in the wills in the future. To shorten that title, it was decided that she was "Miss America." The position is to be passed down to the person with the most American attire and spirit. This person often yells "Yee yee" in the appropriate (and often times inappropriate) situations. Can be changed to be Mr. America. The last two holders of the position both were also in possession of the TiP Friendship Bracelet, but they are not related in any way. This position holds no power whatsoever. It is soley symbolic.

  • The first titled "Miss America" is Riley Scoggins, UGA Term One 2016.
  • Passed down to Ivy Roberts, UGA Term One 2017.