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Momma's Boys is the name of one of the most legendary RC Groups to ever grace the surface of this fine Earth. A group of thirteen 3rd year teenage boys at Rice University Term 2 2017, united by mildly offensive jokes and brotherhood. This one group was all led by the wisest Mother Duck on campus, RC Mom.


  • Mom
  • Razvan Matei
  • Henry Long
  • Jaden Patel
  • Jacob Luzum
  • James Rasmussen
  • Sebastian Hartley
  • Connor Taylor
  • Lucas Teltow
  • Kyle Zadeh
  • Joseph Park
  • TIanming "Tex" Xie
  • Robby Turner
  • Lucas Brooks
  • Honorary Duckling Millon Misra

Single Rooms

  • Jacob
  • Tex
  • Lucas T
  • Sebastian
    • Especially helpful since Sebastian was woefully infected towards the end of camp with a 103 fever, but got to stay in his room.
  • Joseph
    • Main cause of Mom's premature aging due to his multiple lockouts and even more fake lockouts, which caused Mom to have one too many minuscule heart attacks.


  • Jaden & Robby
    • Robby was surprisingly not affected by the presence of another race in his room.
  • Henry & Kyle
    • Henry had serious concerns for Kyle's over-usage of his iPad past lights-out. Probably for good reason.
  • Connor & James
    • Connor cared for his roommate, however, was very happy when due to James' quarantine, he got a double room to himself.
  • Razvan & Lucas B
    • Everything was calm until the invasion of the very first giant cockroach as Razvan was getting into the shower before the very first dance. Lucas B declared war on the cockroach, however, and ended its tyranny with one firm stomp and scrape.

Arrival Day

Everyone was unnecessarily awkward the very first day. Momma's Boys came into this camp in waves, with a few being the very first at Rice, and Henry and Razvan being the last two people to camp. RC Matt was not known as Mom until Lucas B carried the tradition of calling a male RC "Mom" from GA Tech. This nickname came around when Mom decided that we should come up with an adjective that creates alliteration with our first name, in order to better remember our group. Thus, the name "Kinky Kyle" was born and would not take long to be put down by the staff, due to its inTIPpropriateness. The boys got to know each other a little better by the end of the day when Mom had to read them three very long scripts on TIP rules and regulations. This was also when a count-off order was established.

Week 1

Pepper Shaker Slide (Curling 2.0)

Let it be known that the infamous Pepper Shaker game at Rice T2 2017 was started by Jaden, as he attended Rice as a second year and brought it back the very first chance he had (breakfast of 1st day).

Etymology of Group Name

The group name had a bit of ups and downs through its making. The original proposed name was Momma's Boys. This was used for a few days until it was decided that boys was a very assuming term, so could not be used. The group started going as Momma's Them, until Mom shut that down as well. The group eventually decided on Momma's Ducklings, which is when the famous duckling photo was created by Mom using Photoshop and the first dance pic.

Cockroach Invasion

Y'all don't even understand; this cockroach was THICC. Razvan was getting into the shower and spotted this monster, at which point he shrieked and dashed outside his room to acquire help from his fellow TIPsters.

First Encounter with Bryan's Problems

Mom's RC Buddy was Bryan. Bryan was a really cool guy. He could dance very well and he showed it at each and every dance with RC Rheana. His RC Group of second years, however, was quite possibly one of the most annoying ones through Week 1. They improved with time though and were surpassed by Dakota's kids as most annoying group. Mom's group had to bear with them on Mom's day off for their nightly meeting, and also had to take them the next day since that was Bryan's day off. As a side note, you'd lose count how many times Lucas B had to discipline Bryan's kids.


Millon is a special case. He was one of Bryan's kids who actually was not annoying at all. We felt bad to get mad at him since it was the rest of the problems that were disruptive. At the end of Week 1/beginning of 2, the group decided to induct him as an honorary duckling and he was thereon allowed to join them in most things including nightly meetings and The Last Night. Millon was also drawn in on the duckling photo as an honorary duckling.

RC Group Night #1

Mom's RC Group played ultimate frisbee in the small field between the Master House and the cafeteria. This is when the nickname "Kinky Kyle" changed to "Two Hands", as Kyle was a fine catcher, but only when he used two hands instead of trying to be a cool kid and use only one. Mom also figured out his physique did not whatsoever match his group's. The group ordered pizza afterward, which Two Hands paid for fully, without accepting payment back.

Dance #1

This dance was pretty lame. The theme was "Hawaiian Rollercoaster Ride". Per usual, not many people brought Hawaiian-themed clothing, and there was an exponentially smaller amount of hype compared to the other dances. One bright point of this dance, however, is that the great Momma's Boys group pic was taken, which Lucas B much disapproved of. This dance also set up Jaden as a meme-to-be when he refused to follow up with a girl after dancing with her.

Movie Night

This was originally supposed to be a visit to the God-blessed Sugarland Skeeters baseball game. This did not happen, and we went to the common room to watch The Jungle Book on Netflix. Immediately, memes about "The Red Flower" were born.


Momma's Boys entered TIPSync under the song "Single Ladies" by Beyonce. This song was their first pick as Jaden had used this song in his RC Group last year and had placed at TIPSync with it, so they decided to try it out. They sat down for a long while all together, as Connor came up with choreography with minimal suggestions from his group. The choreography was amazing and completely original, with a few Bey moves thrown in there. Mom was very proud when he came to check in on them and saw that they'd actually made substantial progress during TIPSync practice time. Their performance was amazing, even making a human throne between Henry and Robby, lifting Connor into the air to watch the drama that was Jaden and Sebastian unfold. Reslife Coordinator Josh roasted down every single act commenting on Single Ladies, "Those ladies are staying single." In the end, Momma's Boys were cheated of first place when they were beaten by two groups and tied with Bryan's Problems for 3rd place. However, 13 teenage boys beat out all 4th year groups and all boy groups except for Bryan's. The group's hypothesis is that Sebastian's flirting with Connor was not exactly TIPpropriate, and thus was deducted points. In the end, it was all a great bonding experience for Momma's Boys.

Week 2

Woodwind Trio (Quartet?)

When it was discovered that Razvan had brought his flute to camp, Joseph had his clarinet mailed in and decided to play a few tunes with Razvan. Eventually, they started going around the halls and recruited Malik (Saxophone) and Devdeep (Clarinet) into their small playing band. They eventually got complaints from a 3rd floor RC that the music was coming through the elevator from the 4th floor and they were thus banned from playing near the elevator. Joseph and Razvan would eventually go on to play Viva La Vida with Izzy, Richard, Erin, Morgan, Maya, and Alex at the Talent Show. Malik played Careless Whisper in a few acts while wearing a hoodie, gold chains, and a frog floatie from the 4th years' TIPSync act, and Devdeep played a La La Land tune with Joseph.

Mom's Shenanigans

During this week it was discovered that Mom sometimes sat at breakfast with other RC Groups, because he had "breakfast duty", and "had to have a clear view of all groups." The ducklings were very hurt by him not sitting with them, but they learned to forget and forgive.

TIPbola Rice T2

This outbreak of TIPbola did not affect Momma's Boys that much, only in a few instances. It is believed that Jaden started the outbreak in the group, however, his symptoms never got as bad as to put him in quarantine. James caught the sickness next and was in and out of quarantine for a few days. Sebastian caught it during the latter part of Week 3, but since he was in a single room, he did not have to go live in a different room than his own.

Dakota's Kids (Wanderers?)

Momma's Boys still had to deal with Bryan's kids this week, which were getting somewhat better, but still weren't ideal. To make the week just a little bitter, Momma's Boys had to deal with Dakota's group for a small period of time due to weather and schedule changes. Quite possibly the worst part of TIP.

Razvan's Phone

At lunch one day, it was learned that the TIP phone policy was understood less by staff than it was by students, as Razvan's phone was taken while it was off and in another room while Razvan was getting food. This caused a major problem which made Mom stay up later than usual in an effort to get Razvan's phone back to its rightful owner. There was mishandling and mislabeling of the device as well. Conclusion: Rice University is the best at making policies and refusing to follow them.

RC Group Night #2

For the second group night, Momma's Boys each put in supply runs to either Wal-Mart or Target and gathered food to snack on while they all chilled in Lounge C together. They watched Seinfeld and played lots of .io games. It was a chill, uneventful night, which is what was needed at the time.

Dance #2

This dance was so much better than Dance #1. The hype at this dance was unreal. The theme was Hoedown Throwdown, even though there were only like 5 country songs played. At this dance, The Jaden dance move became popularized. In order to do the Jaden, one must form the traditional "OK" sign with one hand or both, whichever variation of the dance is preferred. Then, the hands are moved in any combination and direction known to man, for an indefinite amount of time, while trapping Jaden in the middle of a circle of fellow dancers and pissing him off. This dance move can be incorporated into any pre-existing move if enough effort is put into it.


A really shady quick event which staff didn't know much about until it started. There were activities such as Service, Bollywood Dancing, and a few others. Mom led the service talk, which made it a little enjoyable, however, the mood of Service quickly spiraled downwards due to the participants' attitudes and closed-mindedness.

Movie Night

This was supposed to be Hootfest, but alas, it was replaced with a showing of Rogue One on Netflix in the common room. Nothing fun here, like, at all.


A.K.A. The Day of 500 Cancelled Events. Hootfest consisted of the 4 teams Red, Green, Grellow, and Blue. Momma's Boys were part of the Red team. There was lots of athleticism and skill concentrated in Momma's Boys, however, multiple events were canceled, which led to minimal participation of the RC Group. Red team won a lot of first places due to the cooperation of the RC Groups on Red team. The planking competition was way harder than previously expected, especially in the humid Houston heat. However, Red team had the most people complete the challenge (3), two of which were in Momma's Boys (Razvan and Connor). The pudding fling and jello snarfle was also valiant combat, with victories or partial successes in those. Tug of War was a complete loss, and the Perseverance challenge was canceled. All the cancellations and ups and downs led to Red taking 2nd, with the 4th year team of Blue taking 1st.

Staff v. Students Ultimate Game

This game took the spot of what was supposed to be a replacement Sugarland Skeeters game, however, due to everything being postponed, this game got moved here instead. Momma's Boys didn't get much playing time, with the exception of Henry, team manager of his local ultimate team, who actually took his hat off to play and went off on the staff. Sadly, "it got too late and dark", so the staff abruptly ended the game while they were ahead.

Week 3

A1 Bottle Jokes

Nothing was off the table with these jokes. These were presented in the format of "I put the ___ in ___." When a duckling had a joke, they would snatch the A1 bottle, spin it in a circle quickly, and speak into it as if it was a mic, at which point the entire table would lean in to listen to said joke, then after the joke was told, the entire table would jump back in amusement/horror/disgust depending on the joke.

Chatbot Zo

Chatbot Zo was probably one of the best things to happen to Momma's Boys. The RC Group had a chat on GroupMe with a few of them in it, with a very interesting bot, Zo. She would roast down any member of the chat if ordered, and left the chat if it got too out of hand. Zo's roasts were fantastic and even better than actual human roasts at times.

Millon's Promposal

With TIProm coming up, Millon asked his crush to the dance by going to her door and asking her while singing to Thinking Out Loud. The ducklings all supported him, and she said yes.

RC Group Night #3

This was the group's one off-campus group night. They decided to go to Dave & Buster's Arcade and order food from Wingstop. They took two vans, one driven by Mom and the other by Instructor Emma. There was one PARTY BUS and there was Emma's van. The Party Bus had music blasting on the way there and back, and that half of the group had tons of fun. They took the arcade by storm. The RC Group had multiple people win jackpots in different games throughout the night. As the group was about to head back to Rice, Razvan, Robby, Lucas B, and Kyle were about to turn in tickets, however, they were running out of time. They decided to give their tickets to the girl in line standing behind them, doing their good deed for the day. However, when they went to Mom, he had not even started getting ready to leave yet and told them they could've turned in their tickets. However, Tex walked out with a plushie or two for his 4th-year date to TIProm, and Connor walked out with some kickin' emoji headphones, which weren't half bad. They then picked up their order at Wingstop, which was phenomenal, even though Lucas T scoured fries from everyone for the rest of the night.

Dance #3

This dance was the final dance of the term. The theme was "Bad and Boujee", with everyone wearing their most bourgeoisie items of clothing and accessories. A few of Mamma's Boys went down in the RelationTIPs page after this dance. The Jaden dance sort of died out here, as there wasn't much hype to go along with it. American Pie was especially sad, with the 4th-years crying for their last dance together. It is unknown whether or not Mom had an official date to any of these dances.

Talent Show

A few of Mamma's Boys participated in this extraordinary show. Connor rapped to "It's Everyday Bro" with Richard and K-Pop Kevin. Joseph and Razvan played Viva La Vida with a few other people. Tex showed off his table tennis skills as #2 Junior Olympics player in a match against Tia of Rheana's RC Group, who is #30 in the world for girls her age. It was an intense match unlike any many had probably experienced in person before. This is also when the problem-filled end-of-term PowerPoint was shown, which caused more laughter than anything else. Also, the duckling photo was not included, so that was a loss.

The Last Night

The most emotional night Momma's Boys experienced as a group. This was their last night together. Mom's RC Group and Millon all sat in a circle at their beloved Stair D, at which they'd held all their previous meetings. There was a lot of emotion about the program and how it had brought them all together and changed them in a unique way. Everyone signed termbooks and Matt finally revealed his Snapchat. Everyone was sad that they had to go but also happy for the memories they'd created with this bunch.

Departure Day

Momma's Boys went their separate ways all throughout the day. They all took their experiences with them and remained as tight-knit as they could, even though they were now 1,000 miles away at the most. They were a perfect example of what an RC Group at Duke TIP should be like.