Morgan and Megan Hugs

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In Kat's rag, these hugs were the stuff of legends. No, these weren't following the "side-hug" rule, but who really cares? Megan Murphy and Morgan Young were part of the princesses of Kat's rag. Anyone who was at West '09 should remember a short red head who gave extra-long and awkward hugs. That was Morgan. We called them Morgan hugs. From these developed Morgan-Megan hugs. These could only be given by Morgan and Megan, who both had curly hair and a loving heart. When we were really excited about something, there was the hug. Morgan also charged a one second hug for one spritz of bug spray during the Scavenger Hunt, so there were also hugs then. No one can duplicate these hugs, as they are the exclusive right of Megan and Morgan. There will not be another hug unless both of them go back to TIP next year and reunite.