Nana No-Dick

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Nana Addo

    Nana Addo was speller 155 in the 2017 Scripps National Spelling Bee, the founder of the LDC, and an active member of the Salmon Squad. Despite the name of this page (You're real funny Arisa), Nana has an above average length penis. Skyler and Nana were the only people to bunk their beds in under five minutes. He was the only person to switch rooms and the only TiPster to go to all three dances with the same person. During Term 2 at WFU 2017, as a first year, he and Spencer almost got banned from the gift shop. Nana is most remembered for giving his friends the wrong phone number, in turn giving them a random caller from within the same city, who threatened to call the police department on him.

He was a member of Kayla's RAG, the littest and most turnt the fuck up RAG's in WFU history.

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