Navid Bancroft

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Who is Navid Bancroft? By looking at him, you would think he was an ordinary man. After spending 10 minutes with him, you realize that it is indeed true. However, after spending 30 minutes with him, you will be enlightened by his inspiring presence. He is a man with a heart of gold and will always go above and beyond for those around him. He was not a former tipster, but you would never guess that with his childlike spirit and positive attitude. He currently resides at Trinity University, spreading positive vibes with every step he takes.


Prince Navid, fabulous he! ~ Humberto

He's really kind and chill! But why did he shave his beard? Nooooo!! ~ Vivek

Super chill and likes bad puns! ~ Drew

The best RC in Duke TIP history! ~ Alan

Not strict at all and will mess around us. No arson. ~ Henry

He's great at lip syncing songs Disney songs and DANCING! ~ Imaad

He's friendly and doesn't get angry often. ~ Lucas

He knows how much wood a woodchuck can chuck and he plays piano, which is pretty cool! ~ Joshua

He's very laid back and cool! ~ Ben

Why did the scarecrow get a promotion? Because he was outstanding in his field! Hay... It's in his jeans. ~ RC Group