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'Nerf War is a tradition at UGA mostly for term 2 started by Brennan. Apparently he brought a single nerf gun to TIP at UGA term 2 2009. This led to his RC group buying nerf guns at a wal-mart run which in turn led to the RC group down the hall buying Nerf guns ,as they could not stand the fact they were being shot at everyday, Eventually Aris bought approximately 90$ worth of nerf guns and on the last day of TIP hosted a nerf war in one of the wings of Rutherford Hall. The nerf war was especially known for some of the over the top antics that happened during the battles. Geoff's rc group (Brennan and Aris's group) were known to drag all the mattresses out of their rooms and make barricades. They also were known to attack people from showers. One of the more remember-able effects of the nerf war was how it resulted in setting off the fire alarm on the last night. This forced Geoff's rc group to spend a considerable period of time downstairs with the 4th years, while the staff figured out how to turn off the alarm.

UGA Term 2 2010 Nerf War ended up in being one activity which incorporated two whole floors of the Myers Hall the Nerf guns were again brought back by Aris and additional ones were purchased by Jas Rempala and Aris. Needless to say this became a highly prized activity and there are rumor that someone sold his spot in the activity. Aris being in control of about 95% of the nerf guns and being a fourth year passed the guns down to Jas Rempala to continue this tradition for TIP UGA term 2 2011 and Jas in turn passed it down to another.

During the 2011 term, the entire suitcase was confiscated by the OSD Lee Bissett. Lol. However the 4th year boys of Geoffs rc group were permitted to play Humans Vs Zombies leading to the most epic game of it ever. Lee has told us though that he will try and make Nerf War a sanctioned event for next year. The current carrier of the nerf guns is Rob Dirr, after Jas passed then down to him.

Although in 2012 OSD Lee did not return, Rob Dirr (now Rob Ledbetter) made sure the tradition lived on. Carson and Joe's fourth year boys were permitted, once again, to play a badass game of Humans vs. Zombies with the suitcase passed down from Aris. Rob then passed the nerf guns down to Anthony Gagliardi to make sure the tradition continues.

In the year of 2013, Anthony Gagliardi returned with the Nerf Guns. After making additions to the Nerf Guns (AKA; The Fourth Year Arsenal) by contributing his entire personal collection of Nerf Guns, he packed them all in a footlocker which featured a piece of paper duct-taped to the top which very clearly read "OPEN IN CASE OF ZOMBIES". Indeed, it was later opened. As the final RC Group Night for several groups, it was planned that the Nerf Guns would be transported to a field and utilized for an epic game of Humans Vs. Zombies, but then the Weather reared its ugly head and the RC Group Night was threatened do to rain. However, do to the quick work and emergency problem solving of the RC's, the situation was not only solved, but the original plan was improved upon. Since all fields were to wet to sustain a game of Humans Vs. Zombies, it was decided that the Myers Hall parking deck would be the home of this epic battle of Humans and Zombies. Using the top levels of the parking deck, the living and the un-dead did truly do epic battle for two amazing rounds. Right as the end of the second round drew near, so did the police. The Police approached the TIPsters and staff and asked them to exit the parking deck. The RC groups headed down town and enjoyed post-apocalyptic Five Guys and Ben and Jerry's. At the end of the term, Bryan "Gage" Blackwell was dubbed the new holder of the Nerf Guns (A.K.A. The Fourth Year Arsenal) by Anthony Gagliardi, and was thus passed the task of protecting all TIPsters from the un-dead and their flesh hungry tendencies. Anthony Gagliardi also has a message for all future holders of the Nerf Guns to remember: Shoot Straight