Nick's Rag

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Nick's Rag

Nick's Rag is a group of 2017 Duke East Tipsters who had a lot of offensive jokes in store. They were the first people to notice the Alspaugh "Fire".

  • Sam King
  • Devak Nanda
  • Seung Lee
  • Stephen Andrulis
  • Kevin Figueroa
  • Matthew (last name if known)
  • Matt Maney
  • Richard(Musical Meme Lord) Yuan
  • Ryan Ringel
  • Ben (Montgomery) McClendon II
  • Alex Shunyakov

(Any Last names that are known please put on the list)

  • On the last night, Nick's RAG had a cuddle puddle constiting of everyone except for Steven and Kevin. We were all told to give the upsides of TIP, which led to some very sad stories. In the end, Kevin had the last story. He couldn't hold it together, because it was our most emotion filled night, and the cuddle puddle turned into a hug circle.
  • Lee left after the second week due to the brutalities of microeconomics (or to meet with Kim Jong Un [citation required], who knows), and on the last Tuesday Nick and Asia's RAGs held a proper departure ceremony/funeral.

Phrases from Nick's Rag

"Jump, but do a backflip. No balls you won't."-Sam/Devak

  • Richard pouring salt*

"I spin to gain my chromosome back"-Devak

  • Richard pouring pepper*

"Does it involve a frisbee?"-Sam

  • Alex putting hotsauce on everything from pancakes to jell-o*

"Get out"-Nick "An unnoficial branch of the holy church of Scientology"-Devak "Livin' on the water man"-Ryan

  • "My favorite part of that song was the same as the movie, the ending"-Nick
  • Richard Screeching*

I can boom-boom next year-Richard

  • "So Nick, have you heard of the Angry Raccoon"-Either Ben or Devak
  • Richard sniffing Nick's pillows before the two had even met

East VS West Ultimate Frisbee

Nick's RAG were the representatives in the East vs. West frisbee game. Having no experience in the frisbee world except for 2 of them, they lost 4-0.

The RC

Not everyone loved Nick as a person. He had good relations with his Rag but not with everyone else. Nick would always watch out for his Rag and do his best to get them the best opportunity to do things, but he had this deep love for a certain whistle. Sometimes he used he whistle a little too loudly around other kids. Although many others may not have thought of him as the best RC, his Rag absolutely loved him

Nick came back in 2018, just so you know :)