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TIPsters must nosegame when they see something shady going on that they shouldn't have seen. In fact, TIPsters should nosegame whenever anything happens that they wish they could forget for fear of mental scarring or physical scarring by the mob. After nosegaming, one essentially forgets about whatever unspeakable event had happened, and no mention of the event is ever to be repeated.

To nosegame, simply take your index finger and place it on the corresponding nostril (right finger, right nostril, left finger, left nostril). After a second or two, remove said finger from said nostril. Nosegaming shouldn't be confused with nose-goes wherein people (even non-TIPsters) place their finger on the tip of the nose in order to not have to do something.

Nosegaming is completely silent and subtle in motion. Eye contact with the object of nosegaming or another nosegamer is not required, though in severe cases, the nose game can be supplemented by shifty eyes (eyes darting back and forth), or in cases of terrible magnitude, one can nosegame with multiple fingers and hands (where the nosegamer places all ten fingers on both nostrils). Such ten-fingered nosegames should not be taken lightly though.

The Fundamental Theory of Nosegaming

Peter Sloan theorized that nosegaming has progressed through human culture as a part of natural selection. Humans whose nostrils had no depth of crevasses died off because upon trying to nosegame, their fingers slid off their nostrilless nose, which caused them to remember the event and subsequently die. Humans who had nostrils with sufficient depth and friction were able to nosegame and then walk away because nothing had happened.