Ordering Food (East)

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Most RCs/RAs will order Pizza, Chinese, etc... for TIPsters, Provided they organize it.

A tradition at both West and East is that food has to be delivered by 10:30, or the student that orders must pay, while the RCs eat it. Like curfew, this does not apply on the last night. At Texas A&M food must be in by 9:45, and an RC must be willing to walk you outside to meet the delivery girl/boy.

Edit: Actually, you're supposed to have the food in by 10:00 p.m., because that's when the dorm doors lock.

Often the chinese food guy is found wandering campus trying to find the tipster that ordered the food. People, this is Not Nice. He also drives a BMW.

Logan Wall:One should be warned that if they are "rude" and "raise their voice" while "being hostile to one who does not speak English well" and have to have someone else grab the phone and start over on the order because the person you're talking to has a thick Chinese accent and you can't understand them, and you're from Kentucky and "losing your temper" and also can't be understood, then your chicken fried rice may or may not contain pieces of chicken that are mostly fat when your food is delivered 40 minutes late. Not that this ever happened.

It should be further noted that one should be wary of whether or not anyone has come down with a form of strep throat, mono, or the flu before agreeing to share Indian food with them. (This, in fact, did not happen to me during Term II '04, but I arrived back on campus to find half my friends laid up with something or another).

Places to order from

  • Chinese (Rainbow Chinese Restaurant)
  • Papa John's
  • Indian
  • Domino's
  • Jimmy John's