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In a case of unfortunate timing, Pokemon Go was released just a few days before the start of 2016 term 2. This led to actions being taken by RC's and directors to prevent accidents that could be caused by the game, including mentions of a "certain game" at orientation.

At Trinity

While being mentioned during orientation as something to avoid when not in free time, some TA's let students play during the walks to and from Mabee, their classrooms, and Prassel Hall. There have also been evening activities based around the game such as "Nature/Pokemon Go" and "Pokemon and Clean". Many RC's play the game themselves, and have been spotted with the app open. Some students have also formed "Pokemon Walks" on weekends.

At Wake Forest

At WF, the most vocal haters of the game were the Academic coordinator Leah Berryhill, and the RC Neff. Anyone caught even checking the time on their phone would be given a long speech and have their phone taken for an unjust time. The supporters of the game are usually very good about turning a blind eye to non-blatant playing of the game, and some even imply that they encourage it during RC nights and some evening events. The best thing to do about prying RCs is to play around the foosball table, or to just have the game in powersave mode in your pocket and hatch some eggs. The current "TIP Pokemon master" is Will Joseph, the first person in the TIP program to reach level 20, and the most knowledgeable about everything Pokemon and Pokemon GO.

People to watch out for when playing at WF:

  • Leah Berryhill is to be avoided AT ALL TIMES, Pokemon GO or otherwise. She has been known to take phones for literally no reason, and is quick to anger.
  • Neff, the RC, is another trigger-happy individual, and will also take your phone, simply because he is bored or sees you looking at someone else's phone.

People who are supportive and will ignore you quickly checking on your eggs at WF:

  • J.D. The RC
  • Henry the RC (once took his part of The Ba$ement Boyz on a walk specifically to catch Pokemon)
  • Sydney the RC

At Trinity

During Term 2 2018 at trinity, the no phone policy was very strict, as it had been for many long terms, but a select group of individuals who were dedicated to the game played in secret, rushing into bathrooms sporadically to check on eggs and do raids. The main group was made out of spec fic kids, namely Travis, Walker, and Lucas. They beat 2 raids and hatched over 20 eggs during their time at trinity. Their only allied RC at TIP was the RC micah, who also played the game. Together, the became the mighty Pokémon power league, and they keep in touch to this day.