Ba$ement Boyz

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Ba$ement Boyz The button created by Henry Saussy for the Boyz

AKA Basement Boyz or just Basement Boys

Wake Forest basement Term II 2016

The Ba$ement Boyz were a group of 20 boys in the B-Wing Basement of Collins Residence Hall at Wake Forest. The group was fronted by RCs Dev (The Legendary RC Dev) and Henry (SuperRC). The boys took on a unique flavor and personality due to their general isolation from the common rooms and other TiPsters. They were notorious for having a great time, and on any given night one could witness water bottle flipping and goldfish being passed around, all to the soundtrack of Snoop Dogg, Drake, and the like. During meals, the Boyz often ate near the TV, where they watched the events of July 2016, which included the killings of Dallas Police officers, the Turkish military coup, the Tour de France, and both major political party conventions.

Despite what one might think, the Boyz were not universally beloved. Some of the stricter RCs, including Neff, did not take kindly to the general lit atmosphere of B Basement because all of the liabilities were broken in the basement. So much so that when someone asked what are liabilities some kids answered whatever happens in the basement.

One of their most notable adventures came at the second week's dance, when they arrived for the 2016 WFU Toga Escapade

During the Quadfest, the Boyz were separated. Dev's group joined team blue, with Henry's on green. The teams earned fourth and third, respectively, although both felt slighted by red team's extreme cheating.

Notable Actions

Easton threw a water bottle and broke a ceiling tile outside of his room. Aarij had to fix it, and Dev got mad.

Somebody kicked a soccer ball that broke Daniel's and Jackson's window. Fixed in literally 1 hour.

Shubh's, Kevin's and Aarij's Indian food was stolen. Perpetrator not found. We think it was the janitor.

Chanting Hindu prayers for the Apocalypse, as prophesized by Mehir.

Michael and Garrison's door peephole was unscrewed and stolen. Perpetrator was never caught, but it was suspected to be Shubh.

Riley spraying bug spray in his and Preston's room.

Cade became famous for his Snapchat stories during the term, often featuring "National Geographic" style videos.

Daniel flew down the hallways in a rolly chair.

Tristen attacked boys with his gel pillow. Many will attest that this is not a pleasant experience

When Preston put 5 Cheerwine's in the fridge and put the fridge on "max", the Cheerwine's started exploding in the fridge. Riley and Preston then had to throw them outside before they could explode inside. Fun times.

The remaining of Preston's Cheerwine was stolen. Perpetrator not found. It is suspected the perpetrator is the same as the Indian food thief. (It was one of the 11 Wills at camp. I'm not getting more specific.)

2016 WFU Toga Escapade

Last Day Ramen wars

Last Day Party, which included a Cheerwine exploding against the hallway wall


  • Henry Saussy
    • Jackson Danley
    • Riley Dodd
    • Michael Miller
    • Samuel "Garrison" Dabbs
    • Daniel Hicks
    • Preston Seligman
    • Cade Odom
    • Jason Jones
    • Tristen Stock
    • Austin Glennon
  • Dev
    • Aarij
    • Kevin
    • Easton
    • Justin
    • Shubh
    • Landon
    • Will
    • Sam
    • Daniel
    • Yoni (and his yams)

Broken Things

  • 2 Arms
  • 2 Vending Machines
  • 3 Ceilings
  • 1 Dev's Reputation
  • 1 Shower head
  • 1 Microwave
  • 1 Window
  • 5 Cheerwine
  • 1 Carpet
  • 1 Nelson's Purity
  • 1 Neff's pride

The Great Thursday Fire

On Thursday of the last week, a small fire erupted in the kitchen of the basement. While the exact culprits are not known, the source of flame and aftermath are well documented. Dev's kids often prepared Ramen noodles in a tin can on the stove. Although this had been done successfullto by Aarij multiple times, on this instance someone used a paper towel to remove the can from the stove top. The towel then began smoldering, and it was dropped into a plastic wastebin.

Up until this point, only Dev's kids knew about this. Right as the contents of the trashcan began to briefly smolder, members of Henry's group, including Jackson, Tristan, and Cade, witnessed ashy paper floating around the kitchen as well as a few embers here and there.

At this point, Dev had been notified of the incident and raced upstairs to retrieve a fire extinguisher. But by the time he arrived, the flame was out. All kids were forced upstairs briefly and then told to go back down, open windows, and line up in the hallway.

There they were met by Kayla and Dev for a five minute speech about responsibility. Threatened punishments included 24 hour no phone period, sitting in the hallway for anow hour to contemulate, and other odd retributions, but nothing became of it.