Primate Biology

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Primate Biology is a class that studies primates, with an emphasis on Lemurs, Lorises and Bushbabies. Most free time was spent playing President, Big Booty, Ninja or Scum, and the Evening Studies were lit af. This class achieved legendary status when Eric Abbott joined.

2017 Term 1: A class taught by instructor Tyler Bray and TA Sam. In which the word schniping was invented by KeeLeigh Jenkins as a word to describe the action of secretly taking pictures of the instructor or TA for the secret presentation at the end of the 3 week term. A class in which much was learned about primates, even though the nocturnal building was closed. screamed at the ground frequently after learning that lemurs do that to make their calls echo further. Nacho() screamed a high pitch scream after learning that she was going to be meeting the baby lemur named Nacho. Everyone was heated after primate family feud. Either way it was an iconic class with iconic people.