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The Projector Cult is a cult originating from Artificial Intelligence Session 1, Term 1 at Georgia Tech in 2019. It was founded during evening study one day and worships the god living inside the classroom's projector.


The cult was founded when the class projector would spontaneously turn on and off during evening study, with no one touching the controls or remote. Further exploration showed that rituals such as sacrificing textbooks and Finchs could activate the projector, and the cult was formed


The Projector Cult includes all the students in AI Session 1 except Hassan. Prof. Dhar was not present during founding.

  • Tucker
  • Vlad
  • Josh
  • Travis
  • Ananya
  • Izumi
  • Jacky
  • Evan
  • Also Evan
  • Charlie
  • Harrison
  • Jake
  • David
  • Kona
  • Reagan
  • Rohit
  • Eli

More Information

Notable Roles

Person Role Description
Tucker Grand Geezuz Communicates directly to the projector god. Legend has it that Tucker exists in more dimensions than human mortals and can quickly find coding errors using his power.
Travis Determiner of Existence Determines whether certain people and objects exist or not. Notable judgements: The world does not exist, nor do birds or giraffes, but ketchup does. Tucker simultaneously exists and does not exist.
Josh Judge of Concepts Rules if something is a concept or not. Ketchup is, but Travis isn't. After the latter ruling, it has been proclaimed that Josh no longer exists.
Jake Class pet Not a very complicated role. Gets pets and compliments about soft hair. Didn't use Keras. Was nearly sacrificed to the projector god. Broke a door. Y'know.

Holy Items

Category Item
Holy Bible The true AI textbook
Holy Pet Jake
Holy Food Ketchup
Holy Robot Finch


  • Dhar is probably still confused about what happened in class when he turned the projector on the next day
  • The words "ALL HAIL THE PROJECTOR GOD" are written behind the whiteboard, likely to remain unseen for years
  • It is uncertain what type of being Tucker is
  • This cult is better than the one in Spacecraft