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Pug Life a history

Pug life was a RAG headed by Lisa during the 2k15 term 2 of Wake Forest University. Lisa has an unnatural obsession with pugs and pasted them on our door. After the initial tip meeting, Lisa asked her group for suggestions on names for our group chant. Someone yelled pug life and thus the group was created.


  • After being nagged for hours on end, Jimmy asked out Trinity during the second dance and succeeded.
  • Matthew used google inspect to find the wifi password on the second day
  • We managed to increase our ranks by two by recruiting pugs Chris and Reid
  • We led the blue team during Magfest to victory
  • Erik, the Svede, after failing to get blonde #1(Ava) and Blonde #2(?????) managed to ask .... what's her name?
  • We had the most handsome,smart, and charismatic tipster in the entire camp, moi, Hollis Zeng (That's Debatable)(Not really)(Well Statistically Speaking...No)(I'm here to bust that myth and legend... yes I am)(Preposterous! We must put you on (Mock) Trial!!!)(I will solve this problem, yess I am)(...With Engineering Problem Solving!)
  • Obviously having the best tipsync performance with Hakuna Matata we only loss due to bribes


  • Jimmy: Be in a Relationtip He was the only one to have a relationtip girlfriend(Trinity) for longer than a week
  • Aarnav: Be a part of the Mafia During the numerous games of Mafia at the camp, Aarnav was a member of the Mafia numerous, killing scores of innocent people
  • Beckett: Be Waldo Whenever we needed to leave, we could count on Beckett being lost
  • Erik(the svede):Shirtless Any shirt he was wearing before the Rag meeting seems to disappear into the void of svedeland
  • Blake: pick fights with bigger people. He is often seeing "bullying" Bryce ,James, and Svede who are all like a foot taller than him
  • Carson:steal a soul He is often found stealing the souls of tipsters, creating anew freckle for every poor person that met his wrath
  • Matthew:Be a Hacker Hacked the wifi. Enough said. Technically, he didn't "Hack" the wifi, he just did inspect and copied it. Not hacking but still better than most people.
  • Aayush(pipeman): Got toe stuck in a faucet. Self explanatory.
  • Bryce: Curl small Kids Blake was Bryce's personal weight during the camp
  • Henry: Shove you... Pretty self explanatory
  • James: To whine Whines at almost everything
  • Justin: to poison you with Hot sauce Using his dark, evil bottle of hot sauce, he has murdered scores of people
  • Chris:Betray his rag Abandoning his RAG, PowerPUFF B.O.Y.S, he joined the dark side of pug life
  • Reid:Be nervous while betraying his RAG Followed Chris to our RAG
  • Hollis: Be on Dancing With The Stars Just too good at dancing
  • Lisa: most likely to steal pugs Chris and Reid. Enough said.

Important Events

  • 7/5/2015 The founding day of the group