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Quadzilla, with B. Duke behind.

On one fateful day in 2006, a young, soon-to-be 3rd year Sarah Lowe was at a store and saw an inflatable Godzilla. Sarah had her mind on TiP since she'd be off to Duke East II soon, and she though 'Hmmmm.... Godzilla, Quadzilla!' She bought that beautiful dinosaur and brought it to TiP. Quadzilla was known in 2006 to wear two lei necklaces and a white T-shirt. He comes to all Chillin' on the Quad activities and to Quadfest. Quadzilla lived with Sarah Lowe on first floor Pegram in Kavita's RAG.

The next year, 2007, Sarah brough Quad back to East II, but her father told her that she could not bring him back home. She would have to pass him on to a 3rd year. Quad spent the duration of the term gurading the door to their room, which they also shared with Sara Faber and Caro Ragolta, in room 228 of Basset, Mia's RAG (aka the Female Sexy RAG). Again, that year Sarah and her roommates brought Quad to every Chillin' on the Quad, Quadfest (where he tackled by Daag and Mike Sori to the cheers of Basset residents) and the last dahnce (where he was taken up, stolen back [with the permission of the OSC and John Birch no less] and then promptly seized again. And stayed in the window of the Marketplace behind the DJ booth the duration of the dahnce).

At one Chillin' on the Quad, Quadzilla was stolen by some RCs, who put him somewhere in Brown. Sara Faber and Sarah Lowe went searching for him, to no avail. They informed some RCs who apparently weren't in on the plot to steal Quad and who got Quad back for them by the end of the activity. There were also repetitive stealing attempts and one success made by the Sexy RAG (Mike Sori's RAG). They stole Quad from the doorway and put it in Billy's room. Consequently, Mia's RAG didn't have Quad in their RAG picture at the last dahnce. Right after the pictures, they got Quad back and all went to the dahnce.

On the last night, Sarah gave handed Quadzilla down to Mary Morris.

Mary Morris brought him back East Term II 2008. Unfortunately, through fierce abuse, Quadzilla obtained many a puncture wound. Most of these puncture wounds were found and covered in badass duct tape. He was featured in the peace circles at the major Bassett Quadfest Protest. Despite the badassness of the duct tape, it was a very temporary solution, resulting in a slowed deflation of Quadzilla during the student/staff Ultimate game.

Mary Morris was unable to find another tip-propriate solution to Quad's wounds (though coverage using condoms was discussed, it was shut down). Before she could find a remedy for his punctures, it was time to pass him on. So he was passed to Christine Delp, meaning that she would have to be the one to save that inflatable dinosaur...

To be continued...