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Quotes from TIP

  • The best dabs come from the worst sneezes -Michael Miller
  • Do Work!(East T1 08- By the end we had the entire campus saying it)
  • Fuck Leah is hot...
  • Daag Alway
  • Girls... I am open for business(Holding up an open for business sign while pelvic thrusting)
  • It is like a sex blender(Mass orgi at a dance)
  • Noooo, I'm not a sheep. I'm not a buffalo. Away with youuuu.
  • Kevin be cruisin on his segwayz!
  • Coach I got a 100!!(Shows a 69)
  • Now if i was a girl...
  • Now if i was a guy...
  • Now if i was a gay...
  • WONDERHOGS!!!!!!
  • I did NOT kill Santa (by Gunner and Allie at ASU =) )
  • I read good.
  • The straight-jacket is my huggy friend.
  • What the heck?
  • Who? MIKE JONES!!!
  • I'm not short, I'm vertically-challenged.
  • Are you Bunny?
  • I'm not fickle!
  • Dear Kate, would it be considered morally wrong to steal someone's boyfriend while he's away at TIP? Love, Anonymous. NOT SARA!
  • John Patrick, plunger of love and peace!
  • If I don't eat...I get really hungry..
  • How are you HERE??
  • Like a BOSS!
  • when everyone else is , eat and burn it all away
  • Dude, not cool.
  • It's all fun and games until a cat gets thrown against a tree.
  • I believe I can fly...
  • Holy Shit, Daniel just slit his wrist with his own fingernail! One Damn Fingernail!
  • Autoclave Me.
  • Zenas, Wake Up
  • Blinded by the Light!
  • "Money, No Red Bull After Dinner!" "What about Rockstars?" "No!" "Amp?" "No!" "Vault?!" "NO!" "COCA-COLA?!?" "NO.NO.NO!" "Damn."
  • I grewed since TIP
  • That looks good"-Benny during Fried Green Tomatoes when they tuned the guy into BBQ sauce
  • Shut up about my schpeaking errors"
  • Alspaugh: We Got Knives!
  • Drink!
  • Yes, today in class I tested the hardness of ducks
  • Love and Peace!!!
  • "what up?" KAELFIVE
  • what? who said that?!

University of Georgia Quotes

2010 Term II

  • It can't be your belly button... cause that's right there!
  • When you get out of here you better watch your back, cause you're gonna get stabbed.
  • Geet.
  • Pushups.
  • No Talking. Salt.

2009 Term II

  • Most Likely To: Gunner- _______ a cheerleader (because kill isn't a good word to have in the termbook apparently)
  • Skoooooooooooooooo
  • Stay cool, don't change.
  • When the sweat drips down your.. EPIC.
  • Sha-wingggg!
  • I WILL RAPE YOU WITH THE LONG DICK OF THE LAW! Brennan, don't say rape.
  • Imagine, what we could do if we had a leafblower...

Wake Forest Quotes

2016 Term II

  • The best dabs come from the worst sneezes
  • Snaaacks?
  • True, true
  • Just let me see your back
  • Holy s*** a Dratini!
  • Game-changing defense
  • 7646cNCh