Rachel's Rainicorns

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RC LEADER: Rachel Maskin (Mama Rainbow)

  • sidenote: Mama Rainbow is beyond compare. Imagine sliding down a rainbow, with 1000 unicorns jumping overhead, and pots of nutella at the bottom. After winning $1,000,000. Except for 10 million times awesomer. Mama Rainbow is that great.

Rachel's Rainicorns were the closest and most amazing RC group to ever set foot on the Davidson campus. In the summer of 2013 at Davidson Term 1, 10 girls were selected to be in Rachel Maskin's RC group. Some say that it was fate that brought them together, some say it was just pure luck, the answer remains a mystery. (Like seriously...how amazing is it that each one of them was friends with every other one?)


  • Haylee peters - Psychology - MLT guard a salt-shaker with her life.

(handed out sparkly rainbow and heart stickers to all)

(somehow managed to always have Les Miserables within reach)

  • Cynthia - The Brain - MLT make people smile.

(tray danced when hungry)

  • Charlotte - That's Debatable - MLT become a carpet.

(was a rainbow-ducttape-wielding master)

  • Eliza - Creative Writing - MLT sing.

(got everyone hooked on that Portal 2 song)

  • Morgan - Architecture - MLT laugh uncontrollably.

(was affronted by Engineering Problem Solving's t-shirt design, which totally massacred the Greek language)

  • Thea - Shakespearience - MLT duck-walk down the hall.

(was the star of the show at Tipsync. And everywhere else, too...)

  • Larisa - Cryptography - Most interesting story teller.

(reminded Haylee of an unpleasant girl named Makayla, but was a lot nicer)

  • Rachel - Mathematical Problem Solving - MLT have her spoon.

(explained perfect numbers to us all.)

  • Madison - Zoology - Best side-hugger.

(vacuumed her blanket; subsequently discovered that Axe does, in fact, resolve everything)

Memorable Moments

The real bonding started on the first Wednesday of the term. It was Rachel's day off and also Eliza's birthday! Eliza received cupcakes in the mail and brought them to her birthday party hosted in Haylee and Rose's room. Haylee and Rose's room is where basically all the RC meetings were held because their room was amazing and Haylee had A LOT of candy. The group sang to Eliza and celebrated what Eliza calls "The best party I have ever had". This party included the moment when they, slightly sugar high, gave an overenthusiastic "RAINBOWS! HUH!" which prompted RC Kara to come and check on their wellbeing.

Rachel's Rainicorns are most famous for screaming "RAINBOWS!!! HUH!!!" at the top of their lungs and also waking everyone up on their way to breakfast every morning (they ate together every morning because love) with their loud singing. It's not their fault that Eliza and Thea had such beautiful songs to introduce them to!

They were on the Purple Team for Summerfest, which did moderately well, and as a result they were permitted to give RC Davis a mohawk one memorable night. They took turns with a razor that made funny noises. The end result was quite spectacular (a statement not verified by Davis himself).

Perhaps the real greatest moment in Rainicorn history was tipsync. After rehearsing after class daily, including one rehearsal outside the great doors of CVS, the group did a dance to "I'll make a man out of you" from the Mulan movie and did an absolutely AMAZING job! Thea made a great lead, Haylee was Mulan, Rose was Mushoo, Charlotte was the cricket, and the rest of the RC group was the army ready to defeat... THE HUNS! They received second place, which was awesome.

Meet Up Log

In December of 2013: Cynthia and her family were coming to Georgia! YAY!! While in Georgia, she got to meet up and have lunch at Chile's with Haylee, Rose, and Thea! They all decided to order from the kid's menu because YOLO. Or YOUTO...you're only under twelve once...:D They all wore their Rainicorn shirts and it was truly a beautiful sight.

August 2nd 2014: Rose came over to Haylee's house and they had another night to be roommies once more! Rose made Haylee's tumblr look AMAZING and they facetimed/oovooed with their TIP friends till 5am and then finally fell asleep while watching Rocky Horror Picture Show. Haylee and Rose will definitely be getting together ASAP!

The Rainicorns have exchanged thousands (literally. No joke) of emails since they departed Davidson campus, and continue to do so every day. We started a group text, but half of us hit our texting limits in literally a day, and then, sebastian. (HELLO FUTURE ELIZA) Today, their preferred communication forum is Groupme.

Official Rainicorn Songs

  • I'll Make a Man Out Of You
  • Now I Only Want You Gone
  • Count on me