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Rachel (AKA Hermione AKA Voldemort AKA Mary Jane AKA Drachel Malfoy AKA Anne of Green Gables) attended TIP at New College Term 2 2012. She was a member of Mak's RC group. (Also known as Mak 'n' Cheese, they were the group that scared and annoyed everyone with Harry Potter jokes.) She was in That's Debatable and got labeled as the innocent one who is actually not so innocent after all. She and Kira (AKA Kirkaroff) liked to talk about Glee. A LOT. (The others members of Mak 'n' Cheese may or may not have found this exceedingly annoying.) She made 2nd place in the debate tournament (not including Cooper). In the first couple days, Naomi and Rachel bonded over the mutual feeling to drop kick Jack (I think everyone had that feeling, and Jack, if you read this, the feeling passed). She was also in a RelationTIP with Aaron. They were so cute! Amy, the debate coach, called Aaron Spider-Man since Rachel was Mary Jane. Rachel and her farmers market group put all other groups to shame with their bartering skills. They ended up with a bunch of stuff, it was so unfair! Overall, Rachel is like a ninja who disguises herself as an innocent girl, but she is funny, sarcastic, and a total boss.