Rainbow sherbet surprise

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The Rainbow Sherbert Suprise Incident

Prankman Begins

Term II 2018, Davidson, an unnamed RC group (Regan’s) started making “Protein Shakes.” These usually involved shoveling unfinished food into one poor TIPsters cup.

The Dark Prankster Rises

On Wednesday of the last week, this group decided to make a protein shake inside of an ice cream cup, served at Vail Commons (Dining Hall). One TIPster, (Andrew) had the bright idea of making a Protein Shake inside of an ice cream cup, putting the lid back, and putting it back in the freezer. They planned it for the last supper.

The Incident

Finally, the Rainbow Sherbert Suprise was concocted. It was placed back into the freezer by two brave souls, Andrew and Aidan. It was then immediately removed by a TIPster who happened to be sitting at the table right next to them. These young pranksters watched as the unsuspecting victim opened the poison and immediately started laughing his (not TIPpropriate) off. Then one unnamed prankster wrote this article, to forever immortalize this hilarious occurrence.