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Risk is a board game to best any and all others. This particular board game received a cult-like following from the 3rd year TIPsters in Meredith's Rag (West, Term1, 2008). After rag member Rijul Gupta, known as Jesus Christ, bought a Risk board for the rag's exclusive use, many hours were spent post lights-out in the room of Riley Hannan - where the battle for world domination raged long into the night. If the beginning of a dance out in Kilgo quad was slow and boring, you could count on finding several members of that rag in K commons, fighting over who would hold Europe.


During term 2 2009, RISK was another hit at the West campus. Riley Hannan, Rijul Gupta, Scott Jeffrey, Rob Hagerty, and Trevor Quick - some the original pioneers of Risk at West Term1 '08 - returned to TIP yearning for more global domination. Their zeal for the game would spread to those virgin TIPsters who had not yet experienced the unique brand of RISK that comes from playing at Nerd Camp. Due to their large room, games of RISK were played almost solely in Rob and Scott's abode. That and the two TIPsters were easily 'convinced' to have their room be used by the threat of a 'Rijul Gupta Tantrum', one of the most obnoxious forces known to man. The weeks of playing RISK came to a fitting climax on the last night of the term. Having their request to bring RISK to Honey's by Lisa denied, TIPsters made time (in between staring at the wall and trying not to cry, having a blast with everyone for the last time, sowing mayhem (TP'ing, anyone), and more trying not to cry) for RISK.

And as the impartiality of this TipWiki article comes into question, the Author would like to emphasize that it was at this point at which Riley Hannan realized that these people around him, rolling dice and yelling, were the best d*** people he'll probably ever meet in his entire life. Words cannot express how much God misses you.


The International Relations class during Term 1 in Georgia Tech fatefully decided to play RISK as an icebreaker. One day later, RISK had not just become a game, but a way of life for its players. RISK was discussed at every opportunity, with the ultimate betrayal coming from Black team (It's black dangit) played by Hannah Cross (User: ArachnidsGrip) and Alex Jin (User:Razl) striking North Africa with a force over 9000, becoming known as "Order 66".

As of this section's writing, the game is still being played.

Update: The game was forced to come to a close at the end of the term. No single team won. Instead, the game was settled in a draw. However, the legends still live on.


"Break The Horse"

"Order 66"