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River first attended TIP during 2012 at New College of Florida. There he to Intro to lab sciences. He was usually seen hanging out with upper V and Jessie's girls. River was also in a relationtip with Sabrina (aka Hobbit). Like most of his hall, upper V, he went all out on Cross-dressing day. And don't let his quiet disguise trick you. River is very devious and will destroy your life (exaggeration). On the last day of Tip, River and Conrad thought Jack was still sleeping and decided to wake him up. They ran to his door and started to pound on it, and it opened. Apparently, Jack doesn't believe in closing doors when he's NAKED. River and Conrad ran away. Conrad had the smarts to hide, but River chilled in the common room. That is, until Jack ran out (fully clothed) and put River in some sort of wrestling hold. It was pretty funny.