Robotics Duke West 2013

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You are all CLOWNS! - Sanjeev to his lovely class of studious students.

Robotics "Brobotics" 2013 Term II at Duke West was pretty much a big deal. It was taught by Instructor Sanjeev and TA Peter. The class consisted of clowns from all across the nation with one purpose: to annoy Sanjeev so much he'd HAVE to do the Sanjeev shuffle to quiet down all of the clowns in his class. It is common knowledge that this class was simply better than all of the other ones. It's merely Elementary, my dear Watson. Lots of PowerPoints, informative lectures, misspelled words, programming, building robots, Harry Potter, running in "not so straight" lines, Ultimate Frisbee, and crazily hard tests.

The Clowns

The student body that comprised the Robotics class was lovingly referred to as 'Clowns', by Sanjeev the Ringmaster. They were shown no mercy during any part of the class. A few notable figures include 'Doctor James', 'Death', and the one simply known as 'M'.

Sanjeev's Brain Intelligence Rating

Sanjeev told the students of Robotics on the first day of class, they had the brain of an ape. He further noted that by the end of the class, they would be "promoted" to a human brain when deemed worthy.

The Levels (sorted from highest to lowest)

  1. Human
  2. Baby
  3. Chimpanzee
  4. Ape
  5. Clown
  6. Sloth
  7. Ant

Notable Occurrences

  • Caffeine breaks at the nearby Twinnie's Coffee Shop.
  • The wonderful "Maths" video from the critically acclaimed show "Look Around You" (45 billion is the largest number in the world!)
  • "All Cognitive Agents Have Bounded Rationality."
  • "I don't code good." - M
  • Get tickled by Sanjeev if you forget something/do something wrong
  • "It was made by brown people!"
  • ASIMO falling down the stairs
  • Making a list of "Most likely to"/"Least likely to"
  • Counting off in Hexadecimal
  • S.T.U.P.I.D: "Smart, Talented, Unique Person In Disguise"
  • "Go poo poo in your mouth!" - Sanjeev
  • JFF's/JFT's
  • "Crazy Runs"
  • Sanjeev making Indian food for the class (it's DELICIOUS)


  • Keir ("Surface") - "Most likely to falsely announce "Light bulb!""
  • Allen - "Most likely to be trapped in a flying house with an old man."
  • Albert "Einstein" - "Most likely to write a series of demotivational books."
  • Trevor "Death" - "Most likely to be confused with a steampunk warlord."
  • Spencer - "Most likely to create a series of bots to enslave humanity."
  • Roberto "Burrito Bolli" - "Most likely to slave over useless code."
  • Wrigley - "Least likely to have a soul."
  • Alex - "Most likely to Maths."
  • Jonathan (aka "Big Dog") - "Most likely to be S.T.U.P.I.D." (Smart Talented Unique Person in Disquise)
  • Henry - "Most likely to █████"
  • Mitchell "M" - "Most likely to be a black-market chalk dust dealer."
  • Cooper - "Most likely to be a Super Saiyan."
  • "Doctor" James - "Most likely to become a Dr. just for the title."
  • Conner - "Most likely to be the chillest bro EVAR."
  • Matthew - "Most likely to memorize all human knowledge."