Spencer (Hipster TiPster)

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Year Year at TIP Campus Term Course Teacher/TA Dorm RC Roommate(s)
2012 1st Trinity II Web Apps and Design Sam/Joe Prassel Austin Runlin Liu
2013 2nd Duke West II Robotics Sanjeev/Peter Kilgo Conner Williams and Jack Li
2014 3rd Duke East II International Relations Eric/Jennifer Pegram Tim Tanner
Spencer (Hipster TiPster)
Campus(es) Trinity, Duke West, Duke East
Attended 2012-2015 (Hopefully)
Course(s) Web Apps and Design, Robotics
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Spencer is currently a 3nd year/3nd year TiPster. He attended Trinity Term II in 2012, Duke West Term II in 2013, and Duke East Term II in 2014. He is notable for playing bass guitar, wearing fedoras, and making people question their sanity. He also received the title of Cuil Theorist during his third year.

Trinity, 2012

During his first year at TiP, Spencer did everything. He played "Carry on Wayward Son" at the talent show, got the name "Hipster TiPster", started the Birdemic fanclub, and played countless hours of Catan. Him and his roommate, Runlin, were notable for drinking excessive amounts of Sweet Leaf tea. He was in the Web Apps and Design class, where he created the smash hit game "Quasar". During , Spencer was on the green team, which won. He was in the pudding toss and blackjack events. During the San Antonio vs. Atlanta WNBA game, he popularized shouting out random two-syllable words in place of "defense". These included "potroast", "catfish", "french fry", and many others. At the last dance, he was challenged to see who could dance with the most people by his "date". After dancing together, he went to dance with 4 more people, while his opponent went to dance with 5.

Sweet Leaf Mint and Honey Tea

Spencer and Runlin were famous throughout Trinity for their massive stash of Sweet Leaf tea. Spencer brought nearly 50 bottles of the succulent beverage, which was stored in their fridge. By the end of the term, a massive Sweet Leaf monument was built in their room.

The "Umbrella" Rave

During the 2nd dance, while the song "Umbrella" was playing, Spencer brought out an umbrella onto the dance floor, where a rave quickly formed. This was stopped all too soon because the wielding of the umbrella was too "dangerous".

Quasar vs. Pulsar

In the Web Apps class, Spencer and his friend/opponent "Veez" (Sauviz) were in a competition. After finding out that they were both making Space Invaders clones, a competition was soon formed. Spencer, and his partner Trevor named their game "Quasar", which had an emphasis on design, simplicity, and effectiveness. Veez and his partner Ian then named their game Pulsar, which had a larger focus on the future of the game, featuring a mothership enemy. In the end, neither game really worked, but the war still rages on over which game was better.

Duke West, 2013

After convincing many Trinity TiPsters from term II to go to Duke West next year, it was quickly discovered once at Duke West that the plan worked perfectly. He was in Sanjeev's famous Robotics class, in which he became known as the "most likely to build a bot to enslave humanity, then mock his prisoners". He was also one of the founding fathers of Satan (The Card Game). Within the "5", him and Daniel were known as some of the "most frightening people in the world". During Quadfest, Spencer was part of the blue team, which placed 3rd overall. Also, Blun and Gren.

TiPsync/Orange Team

Later the same day as Quadfest at , Parth's RC group performed a mash-up of Epic Rap Battles of History. While being a crowd favorite, they did not place. In this , Spencer was Skrillex. Because it was after Quadfest, many team-loyal chants broke out among the TiPsters in the auditorium after the festivities had ended. To respond to this, he started cheering for the "Orange Team", which as you may know, is part of "The Second Tier Teams". Multiple people joined in, much to the confusion of all others in attendance. Across the auditorium, a rivalry was soon started by Trevor (Death), who was also in the Robotics class. Him and a few of his comrades started a cheer for the "Lavender team", and thus a rivalry was quickly formed between the two teams.

Duke East, 2014

Upon arriving at East, Spencer quickly realized the sheer dislike for the Westies, and knew something had to happen. He took action, found his life purpose, became Cuil, and presided as the Clockwork God. He came, he saw, he freaked everyone out. RIP.

Talent Show 2014

Spencer and his comrades, Michael, Jackson, and Lars thought it would be a swell idea to form a band. Not just any band. A REAL band. After putting their creative might together, the four of them formed 37, and wrote their first hit single, of which the name is too long to list. In support of their new EP Slightly Swahili, they performed at the talent show and brainwashed every sad soul there to join the communist revolution in a very subtle way.

Becoming Cuil

And then that fateful night, the torch was passed to a young and impressionable Spencer, who instantaneously took the Cuil from Gregor and began to harvest it much like a mother chicken harvests a small baby chicken.

Notable Things Not Previously Mentioned

  • Commonly seen wearing collared shirts, khakis, fedoras(Trinity), headphones, and Ray Bans.
  • Supa Hot Fire (Duke West 2013)
  • Ordering large Triple-Sausage pizzas from Dominos (Duke West 2013)
  • Glasses Jacket Shirt man (Duke West 2013)
  • More to come