Satan (The Card Game)

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Originally started as a normal game of Mao at Duke West Term II, 2013. This soon ballooned into something nobody would have ever imagined possible. Featuring over 25 unique rules, the game is sure to confuse and disturb any bystanders that may witness the game.


The game started as a normal game of Mao at the first dance during Term II at Duke West, and slowly grew into the largest and most complicated game of Mao the world has yet to see. That very Sunday it was decided that the game differed too much from the original basis of Mao, and should be renamed something more fitting. "Satan" was the name chosen, and it stuck. While the rules cannot be mentioned, if you ever hear anyone say, "Hey, do you wanna play a round of Satan?", just say yes.

Assuming you read that this game started as a game of mao, we shall not tell you how to play.

Things You'll Hear During Gameplay

  • Can I hear an Amen? (Everybody) AMEN!
  • I plead the fifth
  • I love Daniel because he is a hunky chunk of beef
  • Livin' Da Thug Lyfe
  • Back in my day...*


The creators of Satan include:

  • "The Antagonist"
  • The Former Hipster TiPster (Trinity Term II 2012)
  • Daniel
  • And then a TiPlationship that is not to be mentioned (#NatharynIsAThing)