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There were many rules at Davidson. Some of them made sense (*), some of them were dumb (?), and others everyone broke (!). Here is a list, marked by what category they fell into:

  • Lights out after 10:45, unless you were late and your RC made you go to bed early (*!)
  • Don't touch the trees (Squirrel Drugs) (The campus of Davidson College is a Botanical Reserve, so the trees are protected by the government, and you can be fined $100+ for damaging one.)
  • Forbidden grass-Don't walk on some grass, but other grass is fine (The grass you cant walk on is in front of Vail dining commons and Chambers. RCs, TAs, and staff say you cant walk on it because of red ants, but the real reason is to keep the grass looking pretty for pictures.)
  • Cell phone hours are 7:30-8:30; 4-5; 9:30-10:30 Mon-Sat (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?)
  • Be quiet in the hallway (?*!)
  • If you're a girl, you can't go into a guy's dorm, and vice versa (***)
  • If you're a girl, you CAN go into another girl's room, but the door has to be open unless ur a Dino and the lights on (*!!!)
  • Don't punch anybody (coughPrettyboycough) (*******)
  • No swearing (just ask Brandon's boys Term 2...) (*!*!*!)
  • (Unwritten) Don't take 30 minute showers (***)
  • Be on time (**********!!)
  • Never go anywhere without telling someone off(***)
  • If your RC tells you to do something, DO IT (*)
  • Shower EVERY DAY (*****)
  • Be polite and respectful (blah blah blah) (*)