Samuel Trent

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Sam as a TiPster showing the smile and dominance that died when he became a TA for the Programming Robotics class in 2015

Samuel "Sam" Trent was a TA in 2015 at Georgia Tech during Term 1 and 2 for Programming Robotics. In 2018 Sam returned as an instructor at Georgia Tech to teach Programming Robotics during Term 1 and Modern Programming during Term 2. Sam is majoring in Electrical Engineering at Georgia Southern University (GSU) and wants to work in a power plant (lame) when he graduates.

"Stop wrecking my barriers!!!!" -Samuel Trent, 2015

As a TiPster

He attended TiP for four years at Texas A&M and UGA.

Robotics TA 2015

The students in Programming Robotics Term 1 2015 believed that Sam didn't smile enough. However, it was hypothesized that Sam smiled at least once every day, during his daily punishment for the annoying kids in his class(A.K.A. The Peanut Gallery). One of his favorite pass-times during class was making the naughty boys in his class write essays. In fact, his reputation as a ruthless yet entertaining T.A. spread throughout camp and many flocked to him in search of this spectacular person. Sam bawled his eyes out at the last dance knowing that the kids he tortured so much had to leave and he couldn't do anything else to help them "build character." Towards the end, everybody realized that they loved Sam, no matter how much he made them suffer.

Sam as a Fashionista

Sam was often found wearing his signature Superman SnapBack, and if you're lucky, you'll catch him wearing his Superman T-Shirt as well. Pretty sure the Superman T was his only non-jersey shirt. He cycled through various jerseys the rest of the term to let everyone that he played ultimate. Maybe? As an instructor in 2018 every Friday he wore a Hawaiian shirt

Evening Activities

One of his favorite past times during TiP is to attend the evening activities that required some athleticism (TiPsters often lack this skill) and watched TiPsters cry as he demonstrated his evident athletic superiority. During kickball, Sam was not afraid to laugh when some annoying kid was nailed in the head with the kickball. During wiffleball, Sam merely watched and surpressed his laughter while the legendary E-Money$$$ was chased in circles around second base for what seemed like 5 minutes

Sam's Frisbee Prowess

  • Plays ultimate at GSU (Trent 21) and another team in Atlanta (he also won a national championship with ATL's U19 club team)
  • When asked if he played frisbee or not, he smoothly responded "Maybe?" in an ambiguous tone of voice
  • Attended the second dance briefly before going to play pick up. He's got his priorities straight.
  • While throwing around a frisbee during an evening activity, Sam gracefully skied the shit out of Daniel the counselor. Daniel's eyes widened as he excitedly exclaimed "That was legit!"Typical Daniel. Typical Sam.
  • During the staff vs. student frisbee game, Sam kept throwing beautiful hucks, only to be disappointed when his clumsy (in comparison to Sam) teammates failed to catch the frisbee
  • Can throw full-field hammers. Smh. He's a show off.