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Sanjeev was the TA for Neuropsychology at TAMU 2011 Term I. He was most well-known for taking his class to Starbucks on the last day of evening study, enforcing the TIP law, and eating babies.

The History of Eating Babies

When debating whether the MMR (Measles, Mumps and Reubela) shot caused autism, Sanjeev aided the side that said, "Yes, the MMR shot did cause autism." This helped the side a lot, but then Sanjeev made the unwise choice to help the other side. While he crossed the room, an unruly Chloe Zagrodzky exclaimed, "Sanjeev eats babies!" Which is how it all started. The trend of dead baby jokesm which lasted a few hours, began during an evening study and he was told the joke "What is the difference between a ham sandwhich and a baby" by Melissa with which he responded with "There is no difference to me" and later on "What's the difference between a baby and peanut butter? The baby doesn't stick to the roof of your mouth!". He then responded with, "That's not true, the baby does stick to the roof of your mouth." Later on, Sanjeev was promoted to eating teenagers.

Sanjeev's Nicknames

Sanjeev also had a plethora of nicknames which started with "Sundrop" given by Vivian "Viver$wag" Ramirez and Melissa "Snooki$wag" Falzon, but rejected because Sanjeev disliked it. There are more names, the majority of them attributed to Ime Reuben, some are:

  • Sundrop
  • Courtney
  • Jeevs
  • Baljeet
  • Pablo

Sanjeev's Dances

Sanjeev was kind enough to instill his students with the knowledge of his great dancing. This dance is known as "The Sanjeev" or "Cook the Baby". First, you must catch the baby. During this part of the TIP dance, Sanjeev captures and accosts a random TIPster that he does not teach. Then, Sanjeev releases the said TIPster and dices the "baby". Third, you must stir, then season, then sautee. Finally, you "enjoy your meal". All of this was done to the song Thriller on the last dance. At this point, you may stop dancing or you may begin again and repeat the dance in a circular fashion, the way one would repeat the Macarena.